Networking Across Countries

Learn how to adapt your network for the country where you live / work

Certain vs. uncertain business environments

Did you know that different countries have different approaches to networking? Some countries even have special names for relationship building, for example guanxi in China, blat in Russia and pratik in Haiti.(1)

Meet people through projects

Have a conversation around a topic as a researcher or solution provider

Do you need to connect with people in an area where you have experience, perhaps to generate business or look for a job? Have you considered initiating some kind of research project to provide a credible reason to contact people and give them some benefit in return?

Networking: Coffee not Cocktails

Learn how to create a science-based networking strategy for better results.

Over the past year I have been writing a book, Networking: Coffee not Cocktails. Finally it is released!

You know networking is important – no surprises. A good network can bring new ideas, access resources, raise funds, gain clients, build your reputation and get you promoted. But did you know that having a networking strategy, tailored to your specific objectives and needs, is the game-changer that will enable you to network more effectively?

The Later File

How to respond better to “anxious” emails

Over time I have recognized a pattern with my emails.  I know that some senders or topics are likely to be filled with anxiety, such that upon opening them I become filled with anxiety.  I hate that feeling.

Traditions in the Digital Age

Are traditions kept safe in an era of new technology?

We have just completed another festive Easter week. Celebrating with friends, going to church and watching television reminded me of the many traditions of Easter, a holiday that started 2000 years ago.

Everyday Creativity

Can you invent something from scraps?

Recently I watched the semi-final week of BBC’s Masterchef. The challenge was to make something innovative from scraps and leftovers including cod’s head, scallops, salmon bones, pig’s ear and leftover fruit and vegetables. This invention test resulted in dishes such as cods cheek and scallop dumplings, salmon and scallop ravioli, coquilles St. Jacques and banofee pie using a leftover banana. For the best dishes, the judges commented, “who would have known these came from scraps?”

Intuition and decision making

Use your intuition for better decisions in uncertain situations

Have you recently had to make a big decision such as taking a new job, hiring a new employee, starting or ending a business or deciding where to invest? Did you feel you had enough information? How did you go about it?

Bundle up to face your challenges

Warm yourself up for better results

“Bundle up, it’s cold outside.” These were frequent words from my mother, as I dressed for school on cold winter mornings. Sometimes bundling up meant putting on warm but ugly clothes. When I let my vanity get the better of me, I suffered on the way to and from school and outside on the playground. Over time I learned the value of staying warm, in spite of outward appearances.